NBO3 is a proprietary feeding protocol designed to deliver naturally high dietary Omega-3 fatty acids which result in beef that is high in Omega-3s.  The healthier ration means cattle perform better in the feedlot at a much younger age.  Our ration stimulates healthy rumen, minimizes gut bacteria and creates healthier animals. 

Cattle grow faster, perform more efficiently and spend little-to-no time in the sick pen, requiring little to no antibiotics (therapeutic or sub-therapeutic) versus commodity beef. 

We target typically under-performing Holstein steers from dairy bull calves.  NBO3 integrates the dairy industry into production of value-added beef.  Healthy Animals. Healthy People. Healthy World.


Animal Supply / Dairies

NBO3 is establishing partnerships with dairies throughout the country to commit their calves and/or parental control to NBO3. With this calf commitment and/or through Omega Protein Supply, LLC (“OPS”) share purchase, participants across the supply chain become involved monetarily in the marketing of the meat and dairy products.

A network of regional calf ranches, growers and feed yards are being established to care for and raise the committed animals within close proximity to their birth and licensed NBO3 packers.